Under 5min. Film: MORE THAN LOVE, 3min, USA, Drama/Romance

Played at the Under 5 Minute June 2017 Film Festival

MORE THAN LOVE, 3min, USA, Drama/Romance
Directed by Mitchel ViernesA woman sits on a beach one night and reminisces about her life. Amidst the nostalgia, she struggles with the more traumatic memories of her past, and considers the prospects of opening herself up to newfound love.

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Review by Kierston Drier

There is an adage that when a man dies a library burns. And MORE THAN LOVE plays on that notion of a the depth of a life’s complexity from a different angle. It attempts to show a life’s story in just few moments.

A woman, sitting on the beach, recounts her life- in moments both good and bad, leading her up to this point. Falling in love, falling out of love, having children, loving her life, and being terrified within it. In only a few short minutes we are taken on an emotional roller-coaster of flashbacks through the triumphs and adversities of a human being. We hold our breath for her. This is a piece that reminds us that our destination is all the sweeter, for having had the journey.

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