Under 5min Film: WOW, 4min, France, Drama/Romance

Played at the Under 5 Minute June 2017 Film Festival

WOW, 4min, France, Drama/Romance
Directed by Axel d’HarcourtWOW relates the cycle of desire between two lovers. The end is the beginning. The beginning is the end.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

Review by Kierston Drier

A visual palindrome with surprising results, WOW, a four minute piece coming out of France, will make you think. For the first two minutes of the film, we see the beginning of a couple’s’ meeting and evening encounter, and in the last two minutes, the piece is perfectly reversed- telling an shockingly different story in both versions.

Not only in WOW beautiful to look at, boasting exceptional cinematography and excellent performances, it is incredibly vivid storytelling. The audience never knows for sure, if they are seeing a metaphor of an entire relationship, the symbology of a single encounter, or a mental break someone’s mind. A piece that leaves much to talk about, it is more than worthy of watching. However you choose to interpret the work, you will leave remembering it’s brilliance.


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