Film Review: MONSIEUR HERNST, France, Sci-Fi/Drama 

MONSIEUR HERNST a 15 minute French film directed by Cappello Vincent, follows a man and his therapist as he tries to recapture his identity by moving back through moments of his own life. With striking moments of detail, Monsieur Hernst recounts his life’s most important moments- moving around a central traumatic event that started him losing his memory in the first place.

A special note about this film is the incredible performances. Both Monsieur Hernst and his therapist navigate a non-linear storyline, characterized by non-sequential fragments of Hernst’s life. Yet the story is easy to put together, and this is largely because the performers are so detailed and meticulous in their interpretations. Their jobs are not easy, in recounting Mr. Hernsts most jarring, emotional, important or traumatic moments, and the details make them comprehensible. Balanced, well executed and wonderfully put together, MONSIEUR HERNST is a delightful and compelling piece of cinematic storytelling.

Review by Kierston Drier

Film played at the 2018 FANTASY/SCI-FI Film Festival on Valentine’s Day in downtown Toronto, Canada

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MONSIEUR HERNST, 15min., France, Sci-Fi/Drama 
Directed by Cappello VincentMr. HERNST has forgotten everything, even his own identity. Facing him, his doctor pushes trough the ages of his life trying to recover the memory of the event that made him forget everything.

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PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER played to rave reviews at the July 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival.

It was the winner of BEST FILM at the festival!

by Kierston Drier

PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER is a highly colorful and richly detailed world of fantasy, love and horror is brought sharply into focus with exceptional casting and vivid imagination. Our piece follows a delicate and sheltered teen, Lili, cloistered in her home with her bitter, reclusive and beauty obsessed mother, Claudie. While Claudie seeks the help of a mystical gardener with a talent for growing beautiful replacement parts for her aging body, Lili falls hard for the boy next door. Lili’s crush soon takes control of her and she manages to seduce the young boy into her home- against her mother’s’ wishes.

Once there, however, she realizes she has loved in vain, and her heartbreak spurns her to seek an answer to her problems- by going to the gardener.
PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER shares the same sort of vivid, lush colors of famous films like Amelie but it’s tone is somewhere between the whimsy of a Wes Anderson film and a comical horror akin to Drew Goddard’s Cabin In The Woods.

Gorgeously composed, offering comedy, horror, irony, drama, passion and tension, this is a piece that packs an emotional punch, sends a shiver down your spin, and gives you a sharp pang of longing all at once.

A masterful emotional cocktail of a short film, it boasts spectacular performances all around, and a fantastically efficient and meaningful script. Bravo, PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER, Bravo!


PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER, 27min, France, Fantasy/Romance
Directed by Holy Fatma

In a surreal world, Lili, a 14-year-old albino, lives alone with her mother Claudie (50) who over-protects her from the outside world. Obsessed with her own appearance; Claudie regularly replaces aging parts of her face, alone in her operating lab, while Lili dreams of Lyesse, her 16 year-old handsome neighbor. But scared by so much love, Lyesse gently pushes her away. Devastated, she decides to operate his heart to understand why he doesn’t love her…

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Movie Review: NOVEMBER UNDER ASHES (France, Music Video)

Played at the July 2017 Experimental Short Film Festival

NOVEMBER UNDER ASHES, 3min, France, Music Video
Directed by Camille Laloux

November under ashes is a cri du coeur, a song, an hymn in which personal and national mournings are melted, a heartbeat of fear, of strength and an ode to life. Under the ashes of a dear person and of scores of innocent people killed in Paris attacks, on the 13th of November, a young woman retraces her subway route and thoughts details which leads her to see the death by singing the life.

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 A music video packing a strong experimental punch, NOVEMBER UNDER ASHES is a three minute French piece by Camille Laloux. With specific use of color and fantastically simple yet effective artistic style, what stands out most about this piece is the contrast between the bright upbeat tone of the song and the more darker lyrics.

A piece about life, death and mortality, the images of young adults and children in the piece soften the more ominous undertones hidden within the lyrics. Musically, this piece is Instantly catchy and visually, it jumps off the screen with color and symbology. Like any great experimental, it doesn’t spoon feed the motives of the art to the viewer.

Instead, it presents itself and leaves itself vulnerable to interpretations. Whether viewed as a music video, a musical animation, or an avant-garde short, NOVEMBER UNDER ASHES will always be an enjoyable watch.

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Under 5min Film: WOW, 4min, France, Drama/Romance

Played at the Under 5 Minute June 2017 Film Festival

WOW, 4min, France, Drama/Romance
Directed by Axel d’HarcourtWOW relates the cycle of desire between two lovers. The end is the beginning. The beginning is the end.

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Review by Kierston Drier

A visual palindrome with surprising results, WOW, a four minute piece coming out of France, will make you think. For the first two minutes of the film, we see the beginning of a couple’s’ meeting and evening encounter, and in the last two minutes, the piece is perfectly reversed- telling an shockingly different story in both versions.

Not only in WOW beautiful to look at, boasting exceptional cinematography and excellent performances, it is incredibly vivid storytelling. The audience never knows for sure, if they are seeing a metaphor of an entire relationship, the symbology of a single encounter, or a mental break someone’s mind. A piece that leaves much to talk about, it is more than worthy of watching. However you choose to interpret the work, you will leave remembering it’s brilliance.

Under 5min. Film: MISSION: APO11O, 4min, France, History/Comedy

Played at the Under 5 Minute June 2017 Film Festival

MISSION: APO11O, 4min, France, History/Comedy
Directed by Daniel JennyThree men are flying to the moon, one of them should have stayed home….

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Review by Kierston Drier

This four minute film takes it time setting itself up. But it reminds us that some twists are worth waiting for. This slender cinematic feat, hailing from France, is only 4 minutes long, but it will nicely tie history into a punchline and wrap it up with a bow.

MISSION APOLLO is a fun little film because it will show us the personal inversion of a well known historical event. Set against the backdrop of a few men get ready to jump into outer space, an out-of-this-world love story is about to take off. Cute, quick and funny, MISSION APOLLO is delightful.

Film Review: THE ARK (France)

Played at the May 2017 EUROPEAN Short Film Festival


A rhino is walking into the ruins of a cathedral under a heavy rain.


Review by Kierston Drier

A two minute animation directed by Jean-Baptiste Aziere, The Ark is a powerful, riveting and emotionally provocative piece. Highly symbolic and deeply moving, it follows a Rhino slowly making its’ way to a dilapidated Christian altar where it bows with it’s final breath, then falls to its’ knees. It gives us no answers, asks us no riddles- it is simply a sharp, dramatic piece that will take your breath away.

You may argue that this is a piece about religion, or a piece about spirituality and the animal kingdom, or that it is about environmentalism, you may even argue it has no deeper meaning that what is visually there. But it cannot be denied- this is a film so hauntingly beautiful and so visually rich that once it begins, it demands your attention. Perhaps that is the most symbolic and meaningful part of the entire piece. In a world run by humanity, where things that not human are often ignored in favor of the things that are, there is not a single person in this film. Yet our hero bows like a praying human being, and dies soon after. You cannot help but be moved at the sight, interpret what you will.

THE ARK is a brave cinematic piece. Short, stunning and impactful, this is a piece that carries itself with beauty and deep meaning.