Movie Review: DIE YOUNG (USA, Music Video)

Played at the July 2017 Experimental Short Film Festival

DIE YOUNG, 3min, USA, Music Video
Directed by Mimi Cave

Music Video for Sylvan Esso.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

A stunning music video by Sylvan Esso and directed by Mimi Cave, DIE YOUNG is a grippingly and lavishly shot short. A beautiful film with sumptuous and glamorous images, this piece follows a trouble making woman on her quest to escape her circumstances by stealing a cop car to drive into the desert- only to find the backseat is holding an unexpected guest.

Flawless editing and seamlessly smooth cinematic choices make this already strong music video hit new emotional heights. DIE YOUNG is more than just a music video- it is a modern day Thelma and Louise- a story of a women escaping where she was, to figure out who she is, and trying not to get lost in the process.

It may be the musically adventurous song and infectiously catchy beat, or the beautiful visuals, but there is something incredibly emotionally satisfying about this short- something that calls the viewers to get completely immersed in the story arch.

It is the sum of its parts- the music, the story, the cinema- the combination of it all, the begs the viewer to jump into off the cliff with our main character- to fall into the unknown with reckless abandon, and pray the landing never comes.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video

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