Kickstarter Interview: Dominic Crisp (ESCORT Short Film)

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Interview by Kierston Drier

  1. Tell me a little about yourself, your background and your work as a filmmaker/creator.

I grew up rurally in Oxfordshire, middle of nowhere with not too much going on. So a lot of time when I was young was about making up stories with friends that we’d play out in the fields, all very picturesque.

At 19 I got in to the Oxford School of Drama, where I trained as an actor for the next four years. During the final year and a half at drama school I started to write for both film and stage, and this summer, having just graduated, I am now able to start producing my own work. This is essentially the first film project that I’m heading, so I’m kind of floundering in the deep end. But that’s good, I’m learning a lot, I believe in this story, and it’s all about taking risks.

  1. Let’s talk about your project! What is your Short about?

SO! This short is taken from a wider feature script that I’m developing, which is about the relationship struck up between a male escort and his female employer. The short charts the developments of their first date, from awkward beginnings to surprising ends

  1. Tell me about the origins of your project?What was it born out of? What inspired you to create it?

So I’d just started my final year at The Oxford School of Drama and I’d moved home for the final two terms, commuting in to the school. I was eating with my mum and dad and we were talking about how I was going to earn money living in London and one of us joked that I could become an escort, that there’d be a fair whack to make out of that. That basically sparked the whole concept, and things moved from there. I now live in London, I’ll let you decide whether you think I followed through on the job idea.

  1. What about your upcoming film really excites you?

When I first started telling people about the idea they kept asking me ‘Oh, have you seen pretty woman?’. I guess what I think is exciting about this film is that it reverses the roles in that film, its not stereotypical. Here we’ve got the female character in complete control and I think that makes for something a little different. I’m really not trying to be a martyr or anything by championing the fact I’m writing a strong female character, that should be the norm. But I do think there’s something really exciting when you put Jo (lead female character) in the drivers seat, where the outcome of a lot of the story is in her hands. I don’t know if I’ve seen that before in this context.

  1. You are running a Kickstarter right now, correct?What are the basic details?

All or nothing. So if I don’t raise the full amount, I get Nada. So a bit stressful. There’s four days left on the campaign so it’s really getting to crunch time.

  1. What will the funds you raise go towards?

All the funds raised will go in to production costs. It will cover travel and food for all cast and crew, enable me to buy some lighting equipment (I’m going for the visuals of Mulholland and the story power of Blue Valentine). It will also pay for a Colourist, who will really make the picture come alive visually in post-production. It will also mean I can get a sound designer on board to compose a score.

  1. What are some of the rewards you can get through funding it? 

There are four different awards

£10  gets you first online viewing of the finished article

£20 gets you a digital copy of the finalized short script

£50 gets you a canvas print of the Escort artwork that heads the Kickstarter page

£200 Just like in the short it gets you a dinner date (within the UK) with me, whether that’s a reward or not you can decide. I’ll be a paying for this one though.

  1. Tell me why you think everyone needs to check out your film?

Because if they don’t they’d regret it for the rest of their life!!!! Ha, no. I think it will tell a really engaging story, that should also look exceptional, and if that’s your cup of tea, get on board.

  1. Tell me some inside scoops- have any wonderful anecdotes come out of your short so far? Fun facts? Fun stories?

If running a Kickstarter has taught me one thing, it’s how to sell yourself to other people. So I guess for this film, that’s pretty apt.

  1. What is one thing you want to aspiring filmmakers everywhere to know?

I guess without trying too sound preachy (as I’m very much an aspiring filmmaker as well) I’d say that you’ve got to believe your own story. It may still fall flat on its face but at least then you know that what you’re doing is honest.

  1. If I wanted to go check out your Kickstarter right now, where would I go?


Make a donation on this short film here:

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