TIFF 2017 Movie Review: GAGA: FIVE FOOT TWO (USA 2017)

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Gaga: Five Foot Two Poster
This documentary goes behind the scenes with pop provocateur Lady Gaga as she releases a bold new album and prepares for her Super Bowl halftime show.


Chris Moukarbel


Lady GagaFlorence WelchDonatella Versace

GAGA: FIVE FOOT TWO is director Chris Moukarbel’s attempt at a revealing documentary of the inside workings of Lady Gaga. This is a Netflix Original Documentary.

The film shows the star at her home, during rehearsals, and a few performances, the highlight being performance for the Superbowl 51 half time show.

Stefani Joanne Germanotta as she is known offstage, basically does her thing, and the audience sees a normal human being at work, though she does live the good life with prized canines and a beautiful house. Unfortunately, the film offers little insight on the artist that the audience does not already already know.

In fact, the film is quite boring for a doc on such a lively person. Lady Gaga takes a cheap shot at Madonna at the beginning of her movie. In her defence (as she said in the press conference), she claims that she was unaware that her Madonna comment was inserted in the doc. Lady Gaga makes a strong point on the power of music at the Press Conference.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5JyeRdXQ-0



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