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Dim the Fluorescents Poster
A struggling actress and an aspiring playwright pour all of their creative energy into the only paying work they can find: role-playing demonstrations for corporate training seminars. When …See full summary »


Daniel Warth

DIM THE FLUORESCENTS is a film that centres on two similar aged females who perform role-playing at corporate training seminars.  It would be best if they were performing in theatre or film, but this is the next best thing.  DIM THE FLUORESCENTS is their story.

If the plot sounds like a feminist movie – it is.  But being directed and co-written by a male Daniel Wart and co-written by another male, Miles Barstead, the feminist themed film has a male point of view which makes the feminist angle all look funnier and thus become more appealing.

The film’s party scene is priceless.  Both get themselves self-invited to a pretentious arty party by a friend who has good intentions of helping them get connected.  Everything goes wrong once they gate crash the party.  Foremost, they are overdressed.  Audrey meets a guy she has not seen in years who keeps asking her what she is doing, while she tries her best to avoid him.  Lillian’s friend tries pushing to hook her up when she is not ready.  All the while, they deal with the other party people who all seem to have made it well in the real world, the exception being the two of them.

The film contains one quietly hilarious moment when Lillian is talking about her dead cat to the agency girl who initially brought the ‘disturbed’ cat for adoption.  “She jumped,” is what Lillian is told.  “Did you give it space?” was her next question.  Then it becomes apparent that the cat is a metaphor for Audrey who has just got really upset and left the place and quit the job.

The film’s main asset are thee two leads Claire Armstrong and Naomi Skwarna.  They are perfect to watch especially for those who are taking acting lessons.  They bring distinction to each of their two characters, standing them out in different ways.  I could watch them forever.  They can change from teary to funny in a moment, and can draw one into their characters.

For a film about two women being so close, the subject of the relationship being sexual is clearly avoided.  Audrey is pursued by a male after Lilian and her have a major argument, so nothing comes of it.  Then the sexual relationship issue again is conveniently avoided.

The film is a bit lengthy at 2 hours for a light comedy about two women.  At the end, it becomes apparent that this friendship, its survival despite all troubles is the film’s key issue.

So why is this film just a poor?  The film is unfortunately marred by an overdone ending where it is obvious the office skit is a reflection of the two women’s lives rather than the outcome reflective on what proper action leaders should take in the time of crisis and change.  The two overact, scream, cry and break glass in the most disappointing overdone ending in a film this year.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/181892085


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