Film Review: MONSIEUR HERNST, France, Sci-Fi/Drama 

MONSIEUR HERNST a 15 minute French film directed by Cappello Vincent, follows a man and his therapist as he tries to recapture his identity by moving back through moments of his own life. With striking moments of detail, Monsieur Hernst recounts his life’s most important moments- moving around a central traumatic event that started him losing his memory in the first place.

A special note about this film is the incredible performances. Both Monsieur Hernst and his therapist navigate a non-linear storyline, characterized by non-sequential fragments of Hernst’s life. Yet the story is easy to put together, and this is largely because the performers are so detailed and meticulous in their interpretations. Their jobs are not easy, in recounting Mr. Hernsts most jarring, emotional, important or traumatic moments, and the details make them comprehensible. Balanced, well executed and wonderfully put together, MONSIEUR HERNST is a delightful and compelling piece of cinematic storytelling.

Review by Kierston Drier

Film played at the 2018 FANTASY/SCI-FI Film Festival on Valentine’s Day in downtown Toronto, Canada

WATCH the Audience FEEDBACK Video:

MONSIEUR HERNST, 15min., France, Sci-Fi/Drama 
Directed by Cappello VincentMr. HERNST has forgotten everything, even his own identity. Facing him, his doctor pushes trough the ages of his life trying to recover the memory of the event that made him forget everything.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!


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