Film Review: BOY (USA, LGBT/Drama)

Powerfully shot and emotionally charged despite it’s minimalist script, BOY centers around a businessman who takes an interest in a young street kid. Taking him back to his apartment, he offers the boy kindness- tending to his recent injury and offering him a beer. Yet there is something sinister going on underneath the surface that is at first hard to read- until the moment when the tension in the room turns sexual and the two have a dramatic sexual encounter.

A film that unnerves and unhinges you, and leaves the viewer with a sick sense of breathlessness, BOY must be praised. For such a strong reaction to be felt in the audience is only a testament to the incredible portal by the well-casted performers and the tight, intimate sense of space created by the cinematographic style. BOY is a film that takes you into a disturbing and confusing world and breaks your heart in the process. We see, in only a few short minutes, the breaking of the innocence of our youthful character and the brokenness that is our adult character.

BOY is a stunning and gripping film, full of things to say about who we are, why we do the things we do, and who we do them with. It is a piece that makes us to look at a dramatic moment in the lives of two people and ask ourselves who they might be afterward. A compelling film indeed.

Review by Kierston Drier

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film:

BOY, 9min., USA, LGBT/Drama
Directed by Declan Quinlan

A businessman is pushed to evaluate himself after a young runaway leads him into unfamiliar territory.

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