Film Review: DAUGHTER, (Canada, Drama/Family)

A deeply moving and powerful story of two mothers who struggle to raise their daughters. DAUGHTER a three minute film from Canada, follows a young mother with a young daughter and an older woman with a young daughter struggling through her own issues. The two meet in the middle to remember that one promise stays with you forever- the promise of love that binds parent and child.


This work has some confusing elements, and the audience may be left wondering whose daughter is whose and which timeline they are in. But dispense the disbelief just slightly and you are hit with an impactful sense of love, loss and sacrifice. This piece has a strong focal point- love. And love always wins. At the end of our journeys through parenthood we may talley our victories and defeats, but the love that motivates all acts of parental compassion never changes. DAUGHTER is a tribute to such emotional journeys. For that alone, it is worth the watch.

Review by Kierston Drier

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film:

DAUGHTER, 3min., Canada, Drama/Family
Directed by Lia WilliamsonCreated as a ‘Two Stories’ project, this film follows two single mothers trying to successfully raise their daughters. As the years progress, this task becomes more and more difficult.

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