Film Review: MATTHEW, (USA, LGBT/Family)

Moving and profound, MATTHEW, directed by Luke Willis is a striking film about a young boy (Matthew) who is in the process of discovering his own sexual identity when he must face the social sets backs of his disillusioned Grandfather. While going out with his friend Maya, a “hangout” his grandfather wrongly assumes is a “Date”, his grandfather decides to watch and see the developments. The grandfather ends up taking issue with his grandson- not because he refuses to kiss his friend Maya, but because Maya is black.


What is so compelling about this piece is that the character of the grandfather is blind to his grandson’s true orientation- all his can see is the issue he feels is right in front of his face- that his grandson is associating with people of a different race. But there is something incredibly wonderful in this story as well. The grandfather represents a time that is running out. His fears, his xenophobia and his hostility are unfounded and doomed to be short lived. Our hero Matthew and his friend Maya are the future- and they are at peace, both with their friendship and with who they are.


The layers of development that turn us from children into adults are rich and complex. They include layers of self discovery, layers of awkwardness, layers of history. And we emerge on the other side as the people we all grow to be. These layers are built in a series of fundamental moments that shape us in our formative and vulnerable years. MATTHEW is a film that takes a close and personal look at one such moment in a young boy’s life as he takes a step away from where his family comes from, and steps into a brighter and happier future.


A stunning film boasting beautiful cinematography and fantastic casting, MATTHEW is a film not to miss.

Review by Kierston Drier

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film:

MATTHEW, 6min., USA, LGBT/Family
Directed by Luke WillisA teenage boy is figuring out his own sexual identity when his grandfather drives him to hang out with a girl.

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