TIFF 2018 Review: THE CROSSING (China 2018) ***

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The Crossing Poster
Studying in Hong Kong but living in Shenzhen (the port city of Mainland China), Peipei has spent 16 years in her life travelling between these two cities. To realize the dream of seeing …See full summary »


Bai Xue

A film somewhat similar to the Argentinean film EL ANGEL, the subject is again a thief with no morals.  Whereas the they in EL ANGEL indulges because he loves it, the their in THE CROSSING does it because se cannot help it, with society and smily circumstances not helping her much either. 

 She lives with her (assumed) separated mother who is more interested in playing mahjong than in her daughter and her father who does not know how to care for her.  THE CROSSING refers to the divide between Hong Kong and China where she mostly sells her stolen good.  She comes across a den of thieves through a boat party where she meets a boy who she cannot love either.  Her only aim in life appears to be wanting to see snow and to experience cold, a metaphor for something she cannot attain.  

She meets the gang boss ‘Sister Hao’ who se cannot accept as another mother figure.  There seems no road to redemption for her and the film does not care to give her one either.

Trailer: https://www.tiff.net/tiff/the-crossing/  (click on trailer)


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