TIFF 2018 Review: THE WEEKEND (USA 2018) ** Directed by Stella Meghie

A comedian goes away for the weekend with an ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend.


Stella Meghie


Stella Meghie

THE WEKEND is a vast improvement over her last film JEAN OF THE JONESES, but that is not saying much.  Her films are catered to a select audience, the wealthy, young and good looking black community.  In THE WEEKEND, there is no black poverty or any white people on display.  The film has a strong female slant with a black female director and protagonist. 

 The film centres on an acerbic comedian (Sasheer Zamata).  She becomes romantically entangled with her ex (Tone Bell), his new girlfriend (DeWanda Wise), and another guest (Y’Lan Noel) who falls for her.  The film is called THE WEEKEND because all the action (or non-action) takes places during a weekend getaway, the story divided into the days of the weekend, ending with Sunday.  The film is not that funny just like the standup comic routine she gives that book-ends the film.  

Yes, it is all about her and the audience can figure that out quite soon into the movie and not really care about her soon after.   Does she get her man back?  No prizes for guessing.  

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6_uXQYbn0A

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