Let the Girls Play Poster

The story of the first all-female soccer team in France, which started as a provocation but became a revolution.


Julien Hallard

This definite crowd pleaser set in the late 60’s is the story of how the first all-female football team was formed in France.  (Other European cities like Italy, England and Ireland already had theirs). 

 The film centres of Paul Coutard, a 30-year-old sports journalist sporting the Betales-like haircut of the 60’s at daily newspaper Le Champenois. Charming, childish and a womaniser, he does exactly what he pleases.  When his boss forces him to plan the newspaper’s annual fair together with Emmanuelle Bruno, the discreet and beautiful executive assistant, Paul has the crazy idea to organize a women’s soccer match for the first time.  A romance begins between Paul and Emmanuelle. 

The film has nothing that audiences have not already seen before, including the current degrading of females by male chauvinist administration.   But the comedy should be taken in all good fun, entertaining as it is.


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