Interview with Jury member – Auregan (Paris Art and Movie Awards PAMA)

The Paris Art & Movie Awards (PAMA) is the leading film festival in Paris for independent filmmakers.

The line up included through the years: Sharon Stone, Kirsten Dunst, Sam Rockwell, Robin Wright, Vladimir Cosma, Laetitia Casta, Kristanna Loken, Mark Dacascos, Caterina Murino, Andrew J. West, Hugo Becker, Jansen Panettiere, Tetsuo Nagata, Leslie Bibb, Melanie et Alain Doutey, Macarena Gomez, French prime Minister Edith Cresson, French Minister Frederic Lefebvre, Emma Bell…


Matthew Toffolo: How did you get involved with the festival?

Auregan: I’ve been a voting Jury member since 2015. It is always fun and exciting to be part of this adventure, because it’s international: you get to discover talents, artists, music and movies from everywhere in the world!

2) What are the qualifications for the selected films?

The festival is accepting films, scores, soundtrack songs, and art pieces with more than 20 categories in official competition. That includes documentary, feature and short films, experimental, music video, web series…

As a jury member, I focus on quality, and originality. Being a Judge or Jury member on a regular basis with various competitions, I really appreciate when I hear / watch something that stands out, or when it create emotion. I particularly love the animated films and score categories.

3) Do you think that some films really don’t get a fair shake from film festivals? And if so, why?

I believe a festival should come in support of the artists, and the PAMA does exactly that, that’s why I come back. The PAMA is the biggest film festival in Paris, for independent filmmakers. The team does give a fair shake to every artist and every submitter is truly considered. Last year, a very young female composer, Jeanne-Peri, won best score; even if she was up against Vladimir Cosma, who is very well know and established and has a lifetime career in scoring! It is a competition indeed, but the festival’s mission and the event itself really pushes the artists under the spotlight, offering a fun and really useful experience to keep going with their careers.

5) What film have you seen the most times in your life?

Back to the Future, and quite a lot of the Walt Disney classics. Also I’m always looking for new series to catch up on.

6) In one sentence, what makes a great film?

A beautiful story will beat every little flaws because it will transport you else where, like a catchy melody.

7) How is the film scene in your city?

I spend most of my time in Los Angeles… It’s safe to say the movie scene is quite strong here…

8) What are the qualities a programmer needs to select the best films for a festival?

At the PAMA, they have the clear objective to showcase the most female filmmakers as possible. They also invite stars and international figures to be judges, and that brings various perspectives on the table. The selection is somehow a reflection of the times: you have to be connected to the outside world, and at the same time look for the tiny details and human qualities into every movie.

9. How has your FilmFreeway submission process been?

Amazing : Off to the biggest start we had since the creation of the festival. It’s like people were somehow expecting us to accept entries and… Here we are !


Auregan is a singer-songwriter and performer.

She penned more than 250 songs, and performed 300 headlining shows during her last tour, including stadiums, legendary venues across Europe, and Cathedrals.

She sold 1.5M units of her latest albums and singles.

She performed in numerous festivals in the rock, folk, Celtic and pop genres; recorded songs in Paris, London and Los Angeles.

Her three published albums are “Mon Tricorne Noir”, “Rock Movie” and “Tortuga“.

Her duet song with Billy Ray Cyrus, “Shelter In The Storm”, is included in critically acclaimed multi-award winning movie Man Of The Past‘s soundtrack. Auregan co-wrote the song with Billy Ray Cyrus.

In her latest song “Broken Doll”, Auregan opens about choosing a path, accepting who you are, and following a higher purpose despite a strong suffering. The track was produced by Diego Alfonsi.

pama 2


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