Next Wave Film Festival Review: BLUE MY MIND (Switzerland 2017) ***

Blue My Mind Poster

15-year-old Mia is facing an overwhelming transformation which calls her entire existence into question. Her body is changing radically, and despite desperate attempts to halt the process, … See full summary »


Lisa Brühlmann

This Swiss production, shot in Swiss German follows the difficulties of a young Mina (Luna Wedler) as she goes through puberty.  At the same time, a strange transformation is occurring as she has appetite and swallows the goldfish in her fish tank.  In the surreal tale, she attends a new school where she turns from being bullied to being belonged.  Her group of school friends now accept her and she turns out to be worst then them in terms of partying and having sex with the boys.  “Do you sleep with anyone, you slut!” says one of the boys to Mia.  

Her clueless parents are of no help either.  One wishers there are more scenes with Mia’s parents as they are unintentionally funny and interesting.  Actress Wedler is marvellous as Mia, creating a character that one can feel sympathetic for, despite her rebellious nature.  

One wonders the reason director Lisa Brühlmann inserted the surrealism in the film as the film could have done just as effective without it.


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