2019 TIFF Film Review: EASY LAND (Canada 2019) ***

Easy Land Poster
Jasna, a Serbian architect and mother, wants to create a better future for her daughter but her mental illness proves to be a problem in their relationship.


Sanja Zivkovic

A single mother bringing up a child is a dauntless task.  Director Zivkovic adds on to the protagonist’s problems by adding on two extra ailments.  Jasna (Mirjana Jokovic) is a single mother who with her daughter, Nina (Nina Kiri) are Serbian refugees trying to settle in a new country – Canada. 
 Jasna, a previous architect is currently suffering from mental problems and takes meditation so that she can keep her work and hence life straight.  The film is a two-handler with the story intercutting between the two protagonists.  Both protagonists, mother and daughter, Nina are also at loggerheads with each other.  When the two come together in certain scenes, the film gathers greater strength.  Both actresses Nina Kiri and Mirjana Jokovic  deliver strong and convincing performances.  
The film’s setting is Toronto.  The neighbourhood where the mother and daughter reside is not stated, but from the view of the Toronto subway whizzing by, one can guess roughly where it is set. 

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