(Reel Asian Film Festival 2019) : YELLOW ROSE (Philippines/USA 2019)

Yellow Rose Poster
Rose, an undocumented 17 year old Filipina, dreams of one day leaving her small Texas town to pursue her country music dreams. Her world is shattered when her mom suddenly gets picked up by… See full summary »


Diane Paragas


Andy Bienen (Story by), Annie J. Howell | 3 more credits »

Rose Garcia (Eva Noblezada) is a young Filipino teen going to school with dreams of becoming a country singer. 

 She is quite good, evident from the songs that she sings, and she goes under the wings of famous country singer Dale Watson (playing himself).  But trouble brews when her mother, Priscilla (Princess Punzala) gets arrested and faces deportation back to the Philippines for being an illegal alien.

  The lazy script fails to explain how they got to the U.S. and why Rose’s aunt and husband is wealthy (supposedly legal) American citizens.  What is most corny is the use of songs to to state the heroine’s current emotional state.  When Rose is down, for example, she croons the lyrics: “You can take the roof from above my head, but you can’t take my freedom away…”  

For lack of a credible happy ending, the film does best with Rose performing one of her songs on stage, again with the corny lyrics telling the audience of Rose’ s new state of affairs:  “You can’t get the best of me.  I ain’t going down.’ I’ll be standing tall’.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTEGWKFO9Jk


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