Cinefranco film fete 2019: VENICE N’EST PAS EN ITALIE (France 2018) ***1/2

Venise n'est pas en Italie Poster

An adaptation of the novel Venice is not in Italy by Ivan Calbérac, published by Flammarion in 2015: Emile is fifteen. He lives in Montargis, between a sweet-crazy father and a mother who … See full summary »


Ivan Calbérac


Ivan Calbérac (novel), Ivan Calbérac (screenplay)

Based on the 2015 novel ‘Venice is not in Italy’ by Ivan Calbérac, VENICE N’EST PAS EN ITALIE (English title VENICE CALLING) follows the coming-of-age adventures of teen math geek Emile who lives with his struggling but over-loving parents in a caravan falls for ultra wealthy girl in his class. 

 When she invites him to her orchestra performance in Venice, he promises to attend, if his parents can afford it.  They agree to let him attend but decide to come along as well, together with caravan in tow and his elder cool brother who suddenly shows up.  VENICE has all the charm and nuance of a French comedy that is both funny and entertaining with a message to boot.  The film’s best part has the mother giving Emile a smack across the face for being ashamed of her.  

The truth is almost every child is ashamed of their parents for some reason or other, for being not rich enough, for dressing odd, for showing affection in public etc.  At the same time, the boy grows up learning more about life (including sex, courtesy of his elder brother) and what counts in life.  The film is a total delight!

Trailer: (ver Fr)

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