Italian Contemporary Film Festival: LIKE A CAT ON THE HIGHWAY (Come un Gatto in Tangenziale) (Italy 2017) ***

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Like a Cat on a Highway Poster

The story of an encounter between a bourgeois man and a poor woman, because their teenage sons get engaged.


Riccardo Milani


LIKE A CAT ON THE HIGHWAY refers to the length of time a teen like the protagonist’s son’s romantic relationship will last.  The film begins like an Italian version of BLOCKERS.  

The father, Giovanni (Antonio Albanese) trails his daughter as she meets up with her new tattooed boyfriend.  The trail leads him to a poor rough area where his windshield is smashed by a woman with a baseball bat.  Following him to the apartment, he finds that the girl’s mother, Monica (Paola Cortellesi) is the one who smashed his windscreen.  Things take a turn when they end up all going for a picnic together on skull island, a very poor man’s beach.

   It is the same old story where a privileged rich man meets a poor rough lady and they both end up learning about life and each other.  Still, despite treading on familiar territory, Milani’s film has its charms, thanks to the two wonderful leads.  The jokes come off quite hilariously, the segment with the bored Monica and Gio watching a foreign film in an art-house cinema being the funniest.  Milani fortunately holds off any romance with only a hint of it at the very end.  

 Charming and entertaining fluff!

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