Film Review: BARRY THE BLOBFISH (USA, Animation)

  This two minute short is a delight for young and old alike. BARRY THE BLOBFISH, an American film directed by Marleia A Alfaro is simple and effective, delivering its’ story with heart and ease.

Barry, our melancholic blobfish at the bottom of the shallow sea floor can’t get to the top reef no matter what he does. Depressed that he can’t get to his friends, he begins to cry- but then his friends come to him.

A simple and sweet story with a strong message for any one- we are always better when we work together.

Short Film played at the ANIMATION FEEDBACK Film Festival in December 2017

Review by Kierston Drier

BARRY THE BLOBFISH, 2min., USA, Animation
Directed by Marleia A. AlfaroBarry is a fat ugly fish that can’t swim and lives at the bottom of the ocean. He longs to live on a beautiful coral reef at the top of a tall, tall cliff.

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