Film Review: D’ARLINE, 2017, USA, Drama/Biography

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SHORT FILM played at the October 2017 STUDENT FEEDBACK Film Festival.

Review by Kierston Drier

Dive into A’DARLENE and you will relive the brilliant true story of physicist and professor Richard Fenyman and learn about his impact on mathematics and modern history. D’ARLENE is a short drama, coming from the USA and directed by Christina Jobe. D’ARLENE follows the real-life genius through his time at the Manhattan project, working as a physics professor and his research into the Atomic bomb- but intercuts his present with his recent past- the relationship he has with his first wife Arlene, including her tragic and untimely death.


D’ARLENE feels like a feature in the way it boasts complex characters, deep relationships, moving storylines and a brilliant rise-and-fall of plot and resolution. Yet this dense story fits neatly and cleanly into twenty-two minutes. Without a single detailed left unattended, the world Jobe creates is tangible, visual and highly emotional. The film is balanced without a single superfluous scene, shot or frame.


The production value is excellent and the mise-en-scene thought out and lush to watch.  All artistic details are attended to with the precision of skilled professionals. Beyond the story and composition of the work, the performances by the cast are second-to-none. The climax of the piece, a letter written by the actual Richard Fenyman and delivered by the actor, leaves a powerful resounding effect on the viewer.


As a story, as a piece of cinema, as a work of art, D’ARLENE has much to be proud of. Bravo Christina Jobe. Bravo.

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D’ARLINE, 22min, USA, Drama/Biography
Directed by Christina JobePhysicist Richard Feynman struggles to make a scientific break through after experiencing personal trauma and while fighting guilt over his work on the atomic bomb. Based on a true story.

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