Movie Review: NOT THIS AGAIN, USA, Drama/Romance

An eight-minute film coming out of the USA, NOT THIS AGAIN, directed by David Nichols Jr, is about what happens to relationships that function in the face of illness. After a difficult night dealing with chronic illness, a man and his partner have a fight about his inability to move forward in life. Of course, wasn’t this always how it was supposed to end? Wasn’t she leaving the inevitable conclusion to this sad story? But this story is not about illness. It is about what it means to give and take in relationships- the selflessness and selfishness we are all guilty of when we take people for granted.


NOT THIS AGAIN, is not about illness- it is about what illness can do to people and what those people in turn, do to each other. A compelling and emotionally deep film, it does not overburden us with exposition. We hear the couples pain through their subtext, and we read their feeling without needing to understand what their world was built on up to this point. We are left with the knowledge that illness does not end love. Yet love can not always end illness. Ultimately, both people have to stand up and fight for each other and for themselves. If they don’t- neither can stay. NOT THIS AGAIN is a deep and thought-provoking look at human relationships- a strong and vibrant work, indeed.


Review by Kierston Drier

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NOT THIS AGAIN, 8min, USA, Drama/Romance
Directed by David Nichols Jr.

After three years of being together, STEPHANIE and JOSH are having a difficult time connecting. Stephanie is doing her best to help take care of Josh after his most recent surgery but he isn’t making it easy for her.

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