ECSTASY BOULEVARD played to rave reviews at the July 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival.

by Kierston Drier

 What happens when you give an alien Ecstasy and turn it loose in the night club? YOU ARE ABOUT TO FIND OUT!

In this five minute American short, our hero takes an unlikely journey into a metropolis, his curious appearance misunderstood as urban eccentricity and gets caught up in a rave scene. He is not alone, however, and his illegal trespassing upon Earth alerts an assassin to track him down. What follows is a smoky cinematic chase through the world of a city after dark.

What makes this piece stand out, despite it’s highly effective visuals and minimal dialogue, is its use of mixed media. Throughout the work, scenes of importance are replaced with powerful animated visuals, giving an otherworldly, fantastical spin on the piece.

A fantastic, futuristic and gripping story, ECSTASY BOULEVARD will have you on the edge of your seat.


ECSTASY BOULEVARD, 5min, USA, Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Directed by Benjamin Allen

When an illegal alien lands his spacecraft on Earth, the assassin known as Kn1ght powers up to hunt the reptile down.

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