REAL ARTISTS played to rave reviews at the July 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival.

“Winner of BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY at the Festival.”

by Kierston Drier

 A breathtaking leap into speculative fiction, REAL ARTISTS is a profoundly powerful portrayal of humanity, biology and entertainment. Full of rich cinematic details, exceptional casting, brilliant performances and subtle but meaningful writing, this is a piece that demands to be engaged with.

Based on a short story by Ken Liu, a young woman with big dreams in the entertainment world, is summoned to a renowned film-producing giant. Initially excited by the prospect of being head hunted, she soon uncovers a dark secret about the film “factory”.

Intense, riveting and introspective while delivering all the powerful emotional punches of any good film, watching REAL ARTISTS feels like watching a bite-sized version of a dense and thrilling feature. Flawless graphics, engaging stories and powerful twists keep the viewers not wanting to blink of fear of missing a moment.

A gorgeous film to behold. REAL ARTISTS will make you think and make you feel. As the credits rolls, a viewer may find themselves wondering what the future of human creativity it- a brave new world, indeed.


REAL ARTISTS, 12min, USA, Fantasy/Drama
Directed by Cameo Wood

Real Artists, a dark tale set in the near future, is based on Ken Liu’s short story of the same name. Sophia just scored every animator’s dream interview at world famous Semaphore Animation Studios. But when the Creative Director, Anne Palladon, reveals that she knows about Sophia’s fan-edit of Semaphore’s hit film Mythos, Sophia sees her dreams begin to slip away.

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ECSTASY BOULEVARD played to rave reviews at the July 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival.

“Winner of BEST PERFORMANCES at the Festival.”

by Kierston Drier

Some films make you laugh with joy, or awkward discomfort. Some break your heart. A MONSTER CALLED CHARLES will do both. This fifteen minute film hailing from the United Kingdom follows a young impoverished boy being raised by circumstance more than by his otherwise neglectful mother- who spends more of her time entertaining Johns than she does caring for her young son and infant daughter. In the wake of any real stimulation, our young hero heads out into the woods to make his own adventures, and discovers a monster there, who he names Charles.

Stunningly shot with a keen attention to detail, incredibly well edited, and seamlessly constructed, this piece also has an exceptional performance from the young male lead. His choices may seem confusing to the viewer at first glance, but his rationality, given his life circumstances, becomes all too clear soon enough. A tale that literally answers the question of what is worse- the monsters you know, or the monsters you don’t.

For a movie told through the eyes of child, and (potentially) their vivid imagination, A MONSTER CALLED CHARLES has a surprisingly intricate level of emotional complexity. Our characters, from smallest to largest, are deeper than mere black-and-white stereotypes. A piece worthy of detailed discussion, this film can be enjoyed at face value as well. It pays homage to childhood classics such as Where The Wild Things Are and even Peter Pan and the viewer can end the piece knowing the a happy ending has been found. A deeper message within the story might be showcasing what the effect of poverty and neglect can have on children.

Whichever way you choose to interpret this film, it is a powerful piece to watch. It would be a tragedy to miss A MONSTER CALLED CHARLES.


A MONSTER CALLED CHARLES, 15min, UK, Fantasy/Drama
Directed by Richard Paris WilsonThe story of a Boy who lives in a caravan park with his Mother, and a Monster who lives in a nearby woods…

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ECSTASY BOULEVARD played to rave reviews at the July 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival.

by Kierston Drier

 What happens when you give an alien Ecstasy and turn it loose in the night club? YOU ARE ABOUT TO FIND OUT!

In this five minute American short, our hero takes an unlikely journey into a metropolis, his curious appearance misunderstood as urban eccentricity and gets caught up in a rave scene. He is not alone, however, and his illegal trespassing upon Earth alerts an assassin to track him down. What follows is a smoky cinematic chase through the world of a city after dark.

What makes this piece stand out, despite it’s highly effective visuals and minimal dialogue, is its use of mixed media. Throughout the work, scenes of importance are replaced with powerful animated visuals, giving an otherworldly, fantastical spin on the piece.

A fantastic, futuristic and gripping story, ECSTASY BOULEVARD will have you on the edge of your seat.


ECSTASY BOULEVARD, 5min, USA, Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Directed by Benjamin Allen

When an illegal alien lands his spacecraft on Earth, the assassin known as Kn1ght powers up to hunt the reptile down.

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PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER played to rave reviews at the July 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival.

It was the winner of BEST FILM at the festival!

by Kierston Drier

PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER is a highly colorful and richly detailed world of fantasy, love and horror is brought sharply into focus with exceptional casting and vivid imagination. Our piece follows a delicate and sheltered teen, Lili, cloistered in her home with her bitter, reclusive and beauty obsessed mother, Claudie. While Claudie seeks the help of a mystical gardener with a talent for growing beautiful replacement parts for her aging body, Lili falls hard for the boy next door. Lili’s crush soon takes control of her and she manages to seduce the young boy into her home- against her mother’s’ wishes.

Once there, however, she realizes she has loved in vain, and her heartbreak spurns her to seek an answer to her problems- by going to the gardener.
PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER shares the same sort of vivid, lush colors of famous films like Amelie but it’s tone is somewhere between the whimsy of a Wes Anderson film and a comical horror akin to Drew Goddard’s Cabin In The Woods.

Gorgeously composed, offering comedy, horror, irony, drama, passion and tension, this is a piece that packs an emotional punch, sends a shiver down your spin, and gives you a sharp pang of longing all at once.

A masterful emotional cocktail of a short film, it boasts spectacular performances all around, and a fantastically efficient and meaningful script. Bravo, PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER, Bravo!


PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER, 27min, France, Fantasy/Romance
Directed by Holy Fatma

In a surreal world, Lili, a 14-year-old albino, lives alone with her mother Claudie (50) who over-protects her from the outside world. Obsessed with her own appearance; Claudie regularly replaces aging parts of her face, alone in her operating lab, while Lili dreams of Lyesse, her 16 year-old handsome neighbor. But scared by so much love, Lyesse gently pushes her away. Devastated, she decides to operate his heart to understand why he doesn’t love her…

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STAR WARS: TRIALS played to rave reviews at the July 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival.

by Kierston Drier

STAR WARS TRAILS, a fan fiction short from the USA, has done something magical in its five minutes of screen time. It creates a riveting, tense and emotional ride, complete with twist ending, in record time and with remarkable simplicity.

This film is an example for anyone who doubts the power behind a piece that boasts a small story with a simple setup. With minimal locations, characters and dialogue, this film still manages to deliver everything you want to see in a short film- nail-biting tension, fascinating character, jump-in-your-seat cinematic turns and, to top it off, a cool twist.

Well done to the strong cast, excellent vocal work and gut-crunching visuals that make STAR WARS TRAILS come to life with startling clarity. Whether you are a fan of the franchise of not, you’ll enjoy this film.


STAR WARS: TRIALS, 5min, USA, Action/Adventure
Directed by Jeremy Garcia

Rowan awakes in the dark depths of a cave with nothing but her lightsaber. As she navigates the dark environment she learns she may not be alone.

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TYSVAER WARS – A STAR WARS STORY played to rave reviews at the July 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACKL Film Festival.

by Kierston Drier

 This delightful comic romp through one love-struck teens imagination will be the perfect escape for any movie-goer, Star Wars Fan or not. Disarmingly charming with its comic honesty and authenticity, our hero enters a fantasy world where he can save the day and rescue the princess- all through the most iconically familiar Star Wars moments.

The die-hard Star Wars fan will love it for its visual references, the film goer will love it for its meta-theatrics and intentional irony, and the everyone who finds themselves somewhere in between those two poles will be endeared to TYSVAER WARS for its endearing story. Haven’t we all been love-sick teenagers?

A comic romp that will have everyone in the crowd rolling with laughter, this is a fantastical, iconic and gleeful homage to classic cinematic work of art. You will cheer on the hero till the final frame- you may even want to watch it twice.

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TYSVAER WARS – A STAR WARS STORY, 4min, Norway, Comedy/Action
Directed by Erlend Bjelland

A heartbroken Star Wars fan escapes into his own fairy tale.

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