Movie Review: EDGAR’S INVENTION, USA, Comedy/Sci-Fi

Zany, whimsical and based on a true story, we follow Edgar- a struggling scientist doing everything he can to make an invention that will better the world. Putting all his energy into waterproof socks yields surprising results- he may not invent ever-dry material, but he might invent something that will delight children for generations to come.


Comical with it’s slightly over-the-top shtick but all the more enjoyable for it’s fantastical elements  (Lava lamps in the basement laboratory, anyone?) EDGAR’S INVENTION is excellent because it is a great example of how to teach history to any audience- Fantastical and fun like “Drunken History” but for kids, this totally family-friendly piece tells a great invention story that all will love.


Review by Kierston Drier

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film:

EDGAR’S INVENTION, 8min., USA, Comedy/Sci-Fi 
Directed by Matt Provenzano

In the year 1950, Edgar Ellington yearns to invent something meaningful and important, but struggles with his own failures.

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