Film Review: VOICES, (Italy, Experimental/Music Video) 

Musically vibrant and full of life, VOICES, a six minute piece from Italy, is a black and white acapella music video. Boasting crystal clear voices of a talented Choir and a haunting and entrancingly beautiful song, VOICES is a strikingly piece to behold. Both visually, with its sharp editing and it’s beautiful composition, and auditorily with its moving vocal chords.

VOICES is startling simple, as a cinematic piece. Like any true experimental film it’s primary focus seems to be to make you feel and experience a wide range of emotions in the course of the work. Yet, like a music video, it’s goal is to showcase the song and the performers. On both fronts, VOICES succeeds, and the viewer of the film walks away feeling uplifted and moved by the music, and visually engaged. A gorgeous song with a beautiful composition, VOICES is a wonderful film.

Review by Kierston Drier

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film:

VOICES, 6min., Italy, Experimental/Music Video 
Directed by Alberto Nacci

Seventh short film of the Body & Sound series by Alberto Nacci on the relationship between musicians and their musical instruments. A b/w film on the relationship between body and voice with the collaboration of the vocal quartet Leg’gio with Paola Milzani, Caterina Comeglio, Elena Biagioni and Simona Zambetti.

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