Film Review: VOICES, (Italy, Experimental/Music Video) 

Musically vibrant and full of life, VOICES, a six minute piece from Italy, is a black and white acapella music video. Boasting crystal clear voices of a talented Choir and a haunting and entrancingly beautiful song, VOICES is a strikingly piece to behold. Both visually, with its sharp editing and it’s beautiful composition, and auditorily with its moving vocal chords.

VOICES is startling simple, as a cinematic piece. Like any true experimental film it’s primary focus seems to be to make you feel and experience a wide range of emotions in the course of the work. Yet, like a music video, it’s goal is to showcase the song and the performers. On both fronts, VOICES succeeds, and the viewer of the film walks away feeling uplifted and moved by the music, and visually engaged. A gorgeous song with a beautiful composition, VOICES is a wonderful film.

Review by Kierston Drier

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VOICES, 6min., Italy, Experimental/Music Video 
Directed by Alberto Nacci

Seventh short film of the Body & Sound series by Alberto Nacci on the relationship between musicians and their musical instruments. A b/w film on the relationship between body and voice with the collaboration of the vocal quartet Leg’gio with Paola Milzani, Caterina Comeglio, Elena Biagioni and Simona Zambetti.

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Film Review: GOD CAME ‘ROUND, Italy, Romance/Comedy 

This five minute romantic comedy from Italy is a bizarrely literal take on a music video. Sandeep (Deep Roy), a flower peddler who can’t catch a break, falls passionately in love with a beautiful passerby he believes to be the girl of his dreams. She, however, doesn’t feel the same way. Sandeep is dragged through depression, hope, despair and desperation while trying to win her affections.

Utterly hilarious with its vibrance, literal comedy and the wonderful performance stylings of Deep Roy, GOD CAME ROUND will make you laugh. A comical trip worthy of watching for its absurdist comic style and total commitment to literal humor. The piece sparkles with Deep Roy as the star and Derek Fey’s direction is sharp and effective. A film to sure to entertain.

Review by Kierston Drier

Film played at the 2018 ROMANCE Film Festival on Valentine’s Day in downtown Toronto, Canada

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GOD CAME ‘ROUND, 5min, Italy, Romance/Comedy 
Directed by Derek Frey Down on his luck flower seller Sandeep (played by Deep Roy) pines to make a connection with the girl of his dreams.

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Film Review: MAMMA, Italy, Crime/Thriller

MAMMA, a frighteningly real and terrifyingly visceral Italian film from director Gonzalo Coteio, tells the story of woman in a shop who falls victim to a robbing. The result is a strong and horrifying scene of a woman caught in a dangerous life-threatening situation with no knowledge of what is going on or how she can save herself.

There is a clear stylistic choice in this film to not use subtitles for the communication between the assailants. While it may strike some viewers as difficult- the choice is a brilliant one. It creates a hyper-real sense of terror and confusion and makes the viewer relate to the woman being attacked. She can’t understand the language of the assailants, so neither can the viewers. The result is to be utterly entrenched in the scene, and to be forced to face the harsh fear of the situation along with our heroine, not outside of it as an external viewer.

The twist in MAMMA is buried in the title, but there is humanity to be found in even the most horrible situations. For reasons we don’t find out until the end of the piece, our heroine in spared certain death. To find out though, you must watch the wild and intense ride that is MAMMA.

Review by Kierston Drier

PLAYED at the January 2018 EUROPEAN Film Festival.

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MAMMA, 5min., Italy, Crime/Thriller
Directed by Gonzalo Cotelo A young woman finds herself trapped in the middle of a gang turf war when she witnesses a cold blooded murder.

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Movie Review: GOLDEN LIGHT (Italy, Music Video)

Played at the July 2017 Experimental Short Film Festival

GOLDEN LIGHT, 3min, Italy, Music Video
Directed by Virgilio Villoresi

Music Video for Blonde Redhead’s latest single “Golden Light”

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Fantastical and deeply immersive, GOLDEN LIGHT asks you to simply go along with the symbolic wonderland it throws at you. A three minute Italian music video exploring metaphor, symbolism and vivid contrast, GOLDEN LIGHT employs colour and contrast to create dramatic emotional responses. We follow our hero as she explores a mystical Alice-In-Wonderland style universe, encountering her lover along the way.

Under the right light, dramatic patterns appears on the faces of our heroes, adding a literal secondary layer of meaning to our piece. Our lovers dance around each other, one holding a key, one revealing a key hole- but neither ever truly reaching the other.

A notably nod must be given to the stunning and unique art direction and design in this piece- as it has a sensual other-worldliness that is all at once engaging, intriguing and uncanny. This is a difficult but nevertheless effective tone to keep the viewers glued to the piece until the final frame. A lush visual piece with densely layered visuals, GOLDEN LIGHT is a beautiful film to see.

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Under 5min. Film: BEYOND, 4min, Italy, Drama/Mystery

Played at the Under 5 Minute June 2017 Film Festival

BEYOND, 4min, Italy, Drama/Mystery
Directed by Manuele MandolesiNight. Anonymous suburbs. A woman lies on the floor in a pool of blood. Two paramedics of Saint Mary’s Hospital are beside her. She’s a victim of violence by a wanted man. From the beginning and throughout the entire short film we will only see fragments of reality and sense external noises from the limbo of unconsciousness.

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Review by Kierston Drier

A four minute mystery drama, BEYOND walks us through the last moments of a woman’s life after a traumatic accident. We aren’t given much information, except that, while in the ambulance, something is very wrong.

We see the piece almost totally through her eyes- until the close and never reopen. But we do see the seen once more, this time through a different, newer pair of eyes. A heartbreaking twist ends the piece.

For being simply and efficiently shot, this piece packs a stronger emotional punch than anticipated. It will certainly leave you with a strong feeling- the true test of any dramatic piece.