TYSVAER WARS – A STAR WARS STORY played to rave reviews at the July 2017 FANTASY FEEDBACKL Film Festival.

by Kierston Drier

 This delightful comic romp through one love-struck teens imagination will be the perfect escape for any movie-goer, Star Wars Fan or not. Disarmingly charming with its comic honesty and authenticity, our hero enters a fantasy world where he can save the day and rescue the princess- all through the most iconically familiar Star Wars moments.

The die-hard Star Wars fan will love it for its visual references, the film goer will love it for its meta-theatrics and intentional irony, and the everyone who finds themselves somewhere in between those two poles will be endeared to TYSVAER WARS for its endearing story. Haven’t we all been love-sick teenagers?

A comic romp that will have everyone in the crowd rolling with laughter, this is a fantastical, iconic and gleeful homage to classic cinematic work of art. You will cheer on the hero till the final frame- you may even want to watch it twice.

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TYSVAER WARS – A STAR WARS STORY, 4min, Norway, Comedy/Action
Directed by Erlend Bjelland

A heartbroken Star Wars fan escapes into his own fairy tale.

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