Under 5min. Film: MISSION: APO11O, 4min, France, History/Comedy

Played at the Under 5 Minute June 2017 Film Festival

MISSION: APO11O, 4min, France, History/Comedy
Directed by Daniel JennyThree men are flying to the moon, one of them should have stayed home….

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Review by Kierston Drier

This four minute film takes it time setting itself up. But it reminds us that some twists are worth waiting for. This slender cinematic feat, hailing from France, is only 4 minutes long, but it will nicely tie history into a punchline and wrap it up with a bow.

MISSION APOLLO is a fun little film because it will show us the personal inversion of a well known historical event. Set against the backdrop of a few men get ready to jump into outer space, an out-of-this-world love story is about to take off. Cute, quick and funny, MISSION APOLLO is delightful.