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“Soon to be one of the best ‘true’ independent film festivals in the world”

Bringing true indie films to Austin! The AUSTIN REVOLUTION FILM FESTIVAL was started by filmmakers who realized many festivals were only programming films with big stars. So they started their own fest, building a brand based on screening films and creating excellent networking opportunities for true indie filmmakers.

This festival, in its 4th year, captures the indie film vibe of Austin by screening some of the coolest indies from the world over in some of the coolest venues in Austin.

Go to and submit your film.

Matthew Toffolo recently chatted with James Christopher, Festival Director.

MT: What was the inspiration to start this festival?

James: We’ve been on the film festival circuit ourselves for years, playing all kinds of festivals all over the country. But the thing is, we hadn’t broken through in our hometown yet. We’d submitted to SXSW or Austin Film Festival several years in a row, but nothing. So, we’re on the circuit and we’d been exposed to all kinds of great films that also we’re being seen. So we started our own festival. We finally broke through into the Austin Film Festival, but we still felt like we should try to offer a real independent voice into this town. So we love AFF and SXSW. We’re not trying to be them. We’re trying to get this audience that loves in Indie film in Austin and get them in front of a different breed of indie film..true indies, if you will.

MT: How has the festival changed since it began to how it is today?

James: It’s night and day. It actually started as a Halloween party in my backyard and quickly grew from there. It morphed into a horror only festival before we made it a multi genre event. Now it’s 3 days at some of the best venues in Austin Texas including the Alamo Drafthouse and the Blue Starlite Drive In theater.

MT: What’s the current pulse of the Austin Film Scene?

James: It’s thriving at all levels. There are micro budget films like what we at Twitchy Dolphin Flix do and then there are indies and studio films going on. And the best thing about this town is the lack of ego. People are willing to help each other out just to get things moving. It’s very inspiring.

MT: How many films will you be showcasing at this year’s festival?

James: We’re going to show anywhere between 60-75 films. We’ve actually announced a few projects already. We really want to build a great program and continue with making it the most filmmaker friendly film festival around.

MT: Will there be a theme at the 2015 Festival?

We won’t have a theme. We actually don’t do themes. But every year, we honor a different filmmaker who has made an impact in truly independent films. This year, and this is breaking news, not announced anywhere else, our filmmaker of the year will be Ya’Ke Smith. He’s the Morgan Woodward Distinguished Professor of Film at University of Texas at Arlington. In his film career his short films and feature Wolf have received a wide variety of acclaim. We’re honored to have him as he’s meant so much to filmmakers in Texas and honestly, to my career as well.

MT: Of the films from all over the world that submit to your festival, what country stands out in terms of talent and overall strength in their Independent films?

I’m always shocked at all the good work we get from all over the country, not just the US and Canada where most of our films come from. We do our best to highlight films from all over the world.

MT: Where do you see your festival going in the next 5 years?

Just continuing to grow, but in a way that makes sense. We want its core to stay unchanged: an environment ideal for collaboration by filmmakers. We true indies have to stay and understand that, the last thing Hollywood wants is for us to realize we don’t need them. So we’re just continuing to work to keep this train moving.

MT: What is your personal all-time favorite film?

Jaws. Hands down. It’s perfect.

Read Festival Testimonials:

“…Is a breath of fresh air. A festival that focuses on the filmmakers as well as educating audiences to what a film festival is all about… Seeing great indie films…you can tell a lot of love went into this festival.”

“If you are seriously about making a mark on the indie scene you should definitely enter the Austin Revolution Film Fest”

“One of the most satisfying screening and festival experiences of my career. Peers become colleagues become friends become family. I can not recommend submitting to this any higher.”

“The mix of talented film makers, diverse films and stellar networking make it a rarity in a sea of subpar film festivals.”

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