Short Film Review: FOREVER BOUND. 7min., Experimental Fashion Film.

“Forever Bound,” simply said, it a pretty movie with a deep message. Does destiny determine the relationships we enter and experience? The amazing Italian nature backdrop, constant motion & action, and multiple unique and beautiful costumes attempt to answer that mystifying question. To show and make us feel instead of an attempt to tell us this impossible question!  

 At least that’s how I interpreted the film. “Forever Bound” can be categorized as an instrumental music video, a fashion film, or an experimental film. It’s probably all three and with this type of tone and genre. What everyone who has seen this film can agree with is that this is an incredibly engaging watch. Whatever the message or theme is, it is up to the individual viewer to interpret. And no matter, someone will get something out of it.

The heartbeat of the film is the musical score by Flavio Carlotti. It takes us down the journey of these two lovers/partners and what defines them. A third character appears as the violin player who is the observing to the transactions of this relationship. Almost like the musical character of the audience as we see what she sees.

A film that was conceived by Italian artist Elisa Messi, and directed by UK filmmaker Rob Bell, “Forever Bound” is a true collaborative film. You can’t help but also be marveled by the amazing various costumes the performers wear throughout the film, and the sculptor that was created for this film that was key to the plot.

This is a seven minute film that needs and deserves more than 1 view. There is so much richness here. Just an emotionally impactful film.  5 stars.

by Eli Manning

Creative Director/Producer: Elisa Messi

Director: Rob Bell

Composer & Producer: Flavio Carlotti

Cast: Marina Meinero, Lorena Sheriff, Jan Tononi

Sculptures: Ascanio Maria Bolzonella and Laura Fabbris.


Watch the Audience Feedback from the Experimental Film Festival: