Happy Birthday: Jonathan Tucker

jonathantucker.jpgHappy Birthday actor Jonathan Tucker

Born: Jonathan Moss Tucker
May 31, 1982 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Married to: Tara Ahamed (16 June 2012 – present)


You can be drinking the wine today, but picking the grapes tomorrow.

I’m not looking to be famous, but I want a body of work and a moral character that is deserving of fame.

[on Billy Crudup] “I can tell you the actor who I admire the most. Billy Crudup. Do you know who he is? He’s awesome. I actually played his younger version in the movie Sleepers (1996). He’s done some incredible work and, every time a movie of his comes up, they say he’s going to be the next big star like Matt Damon or Leonardo DiCaprio, but every time it just doesn’t click. He does incredible projects whether it’s theatre or film. I like that he’s not just doing commercial films, he’s doing a lot of terrific stuff”.