LGBT Inside Out Film Festival: PROM KING 2010 (USA 2017)

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prom_kingA young romantic navigates college dating while striving to reconcile homosexuality with his classic, cinematic ideals.

Director: Christopher Schaap
Writer: Christopher Schaap
Stars: Julia Weldon, Mikaela Izquierdo, Lionel Thomas

Review by Gilbert Seah 

PROM KING 2010 is a teen movie directed, written and starring a teen, Christopher Schaap. The story has a loose narrative that follows protagonist Charlie (Schaap) through his college dating days.

Charlie comes across on screen as a princess with Nancy boy mannerisms who cannot decide but thinks he knows what he wants and cries any time he cannot get it. There are flaws in the film but one should also give the the young director some credit.

Schaap does bring his little world into focus, realistic as it is, seen though one would find it difficult to sympathize with his character. What he goes through, puppy love, infatuation and the need to have a boyfriend and the need to be accepted are all the actual things young gay boys go through.

Schaap obviously idolizes Woody Allen from the poster of Allen’s MANHATTAN pinned up in his room. For a film about a boy in college, there are hardly any scenes on campus grounds or on him having to study or take exams.

In the end, Schaap’s film goes nowhere though one would expect at least to have some of his insight as in Woody Allen’s MANHATTAN.



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