2019 TIFF Movie Review: LES MISERABLES (France 2019) ***** Top 10

Les Misérables Poster

Television adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic novel, which follows Jean Valjean as he evades capture by the unyielding Inspector Javert. Set against a backdrop of post-Napoleonic France as unrest begins to grip the city of Paris once more.

A most arousing contemporary film set in today’s troubled world with a bonus message to boot.  What begins with the celebration of France’s World Cup eventually turns sour with the theft of a lion cub (that is the cutest and the real LION KING) from an East European circus by an African kid.  

Three Paris cops, a black, a white racist and a rookie attempt to calm the racial tensions in the Muslim neighbourhood where the thief resides.

  When the kid is flashed shot in the face, a riot on police brutality erupts.  Director Ly exhibits brilliant writing (he co-wrote the script) and excellent camera word while steering superlative performances from all his actors.  His totally gripping film will undoubtedly keep one on the edge of one seat right to be very end where surprises and twists in the plot abound. 

A truly remarkable feat in definitely my personal favourite film of the festival.  And wait for the Victor Hugo quote from LES MISERABLES at the film’s end to conclude the events.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5u-HKciyhM