ALIEN Stories from the Writing and Film Festival

Watch winning stories and movies showcased at the Writing and Film Festival in the ALIEN Genre: Short, Feature, TV Screenplays. Short Stories. Novels. StALIEN Plays. Poems. Stories from festival made into movies:

Watch the best of ALIEN Stories:

Feature Script: ORIGINS
May 2015 Reading
Written by Michael Panek & Guershon Moreno

March 2015 Reading
Written by Glenn Magas & Dale Fabrigar

Chapter 7 Novel: SURVIVAL YEAR
June 2015 Reading
Written by Jennifer Shearer French

TWITTER Short Story – To Boldly Go by Jonny Kratzel

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Watch the best of Fantasy/Sci-Fi Performance Readings from the Writing Festival

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WATCCH the best of Fantasy/Sci-Fi Performance Readings from the Writing Festival:

Feature Screenplay: ORIGINS, by Michael Panek & Guershon Moreno:

JACK’S MERMAID 1st SCENE Reading by Lois Wickstrom:

MEN OF COLOR – Short Script Reading by Mike Kearby:

THE PURE TV Pilot – Watch Winning Reading of Original Sc-Fi TV Series by Jesica Seguin:

SHAPESHIFTERS, Feature Script Reading by Andrew S. Fisk: