TIFF 2017 Movie Review: MOTORRAD (Brazil 2017) ***

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Motorrad Poster
A wild and weird allegorical thriller. A gang of young dirt bikers on a ride across an isolated region of Brazil find themselves being hunted by a machetes.


Carla SallePablo SanábioGuilherme Prates

MOTORRAD begins with Hugo (Guilherme Prates) breaking into a junkyard to steal a bike motor. The old man in charge of the yard catches him but Hugo is saved by a beautiful girl from being shot.

The film changes course with Hugo going on a ride across an isolated region of Brazil with his brother’s bike friends. Hugo meets the girl who takes them on an isolated path. The film changes course once ore at the film’s half hour mark turning it into a chainsaw massacre like film when they find themselves being hunted by a machete-wielding band of motorcyclists intent on killing them all.

Though the film sounds silly, it is well shot, especially the underwater sequence with excellent sound and stereo effects.

Director Amorim does well in combing fun and terror in this otherwise weird and enjoyable romp of male chauvinism.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atOaoJtNfyY