TV REVIEW: RICK AND MORTY – S03 – E02 – Rickmancing the Stone

rickandmorty1.jpgRick, Morty, and Summer travel to a post-apocalyptic dimension and meet some dangerous enemies.

Directors: Dominic Polcino, Wesley Archer
Writers: Dan Harmon (created by), Justin Roiland (created by)
Stars: Justin Roiland, Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer

Review by Mary Cox
After the April Fools surprise of the first episode of the season being leaked early, Rick and Morty is finally back and on a clear release schedule. Tonight’s episode has Morty and Summer trying to cope with their parent’s divorce by escaping into a Mad Max-type post-apocalyptic desert world to try and work through their emotional issues. Morty deals with his unresolved anger at his father through his mutant arm in a refreshing take on the “enchanted armor overpowering its user” trope. On the other hand, Summer unsuccessfully dives headfirst into a relationship to try and fill the void in her life caused by her family breaking apart.

It’s interesting how Summer is taking such an active role in her adventures with Rick while Morty has historically been hesitant to participate. As much as this episode made it seem like Morty and Summer are over their parent’s divorce after their return from the Apocalypse world, it does seem like this particular emotional thread is going to continue throughout the rest of the series.

A lot of time has been spent establishing that Jerry and Beth’s relationship was toxic and codependent, so it feels like a step in the right direction for them to get divorced. However, their separate lives that were showcased in the first Intergalactic TV episode seem to imply that despite their issues, Beth and Jerry are better off together. We’ll have to wait and see how this dynamic plays out in future episodes.


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