Film Review: SAINT ETIENNE – MAGPIE EYES, (Music Video)

SAINT ETIENNE- MAGPIE EYES, is a three minute music video paying homage to youth. Full to bursting with highly polished and glossy production value, boasting bright beautiful young performers and backdropped against a classic urban setting nostalgic to many. The film follows three teenage friends and their beautiful summer day in a city-suburb, as they walk, talk and explore the world around them- all set against music. The result is the classic cinematic food of an age-old story. It is the story of youth. It is the story that captures the leap between children and adults. For a few magical moment between childhood and adulthood we are  suspended in air as teenagers. And while that suspension is uncertain, and scary- it is also alight with possibilities. SAINT ETIENNE attempts to capture that moment- and it does so admirably. For three magical minutes, we are all teenagers again.

Review by Kierston Drier

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film:

Directed by Tash Tung

Magpie Eyes reimagines the 90s band as teenagers in the modern day and follows them around the sleepy market suburb of Stevenage, UK – the first of the government’s post-war Utopias. The film celebrates a distinct sense place and what it’s like to grow up in a British suburb, mixing stills and moving images of the local kids in and around the New Town architecture.

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