Film Review: VOWS, (4min., USA, LGBT/Animation) 

A wordless wonder of a film, VOWS tells the simple, yet powerful story of a man on his wedding day. On what should be one of the happiest days of his life, our hero is hit with difficult feelings of abandonment that come when he sees an important wedding invitation has been returned- rejected. But love always wins.
A beautiful animated film with engaging colours and textures worthy of any Disney-Pixar, this film has something special hidden within it- in its credits. The film is only a few beats long, but within the credits we the highlights of our hero’s life well lived.
For a film so short, it is a mastery of simple touching story telling. And it is worth sitting through every credit to see the joy that unfolds in the final frames. A delightful and moving piece. Well done VOWS, well done.


Review by Kierston Drier

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film:

VOWS, 4min., USA, LGBT/Animation 
Directed by Mark McKinseyVows is the story of a man on one of the biggest days of his life – he is incredibly excited, but is suddenly reminded of a deep sadness that plagues this very happy day with the person he loves most.

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