Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video for MOVING LONDON (Played at Sept. 2015 Film Festival)

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Watch MOVING LONDON Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK Video:

Audience Comments on MOVING LONDON:

All the dances were varied and the music worked so well to bring everything together. That was the brilliant part of this film.

I found myself very involved in this film. The power of the music with the shots of cars, people dancing.

A love the diversity of the dancers in contrast to the space of the city.

I pretty much enjoyed the entire film. Amazing.

MOVING LONDON, Musical/Dancing, 6min, Czech Republic
Directed by Jevan Chowdhury

This short film observes the meeting of 58 dancers and the capital of the UK. Captured over 3 days, Moving London propels art from completely different sources, then packs it back together again.

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