Interview with Director Kjersti Steinsbø (HEVN)

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

Kjersti Steinsbø’s feature film HEVN (Revenge) is a fascinating take on a classic movie plot. What happens when you seek revenge? It also tackles the subject of sexual abuse and the men who get away with it.

HEVN premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2015 and is currently playing at the TIFF Lightbox in downtown Toronto.

HEVN is a terrific film and it was an honor to sit down with the director.

kjestisteinsboInterview with Kjersti Steinsbø:

Matthew Toffolo: Watching the film definitely makes you want to go to Norway, especially the beautiful opening. Of course it also serves as a metaphor where dark things happen in a beautiful exterior. How was your collaboration with your cinematographer Anna Myking?

Kjersti Steinsbø: This was the first project we did together. We’ve known each other for years. In 2011, Anna became the first female to DP a feature film in Norway…

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