Movie Review: CRE-AZIONI, 5min, USA, Drama/Experimental (2016)

  MOVIE POSTERCRE-AZIONI, 5min, USA, Drama/Experimental
Directed by Elena Vannoni

A film about women and time.

Seen at the July 2016 Under 5min. FEEDBACK Film Festival in Toronto.

Movie Review by Kierston Drier

In many ways, theatre gave birth to Cinema. The two share many elements of spectacle and form, although their medium is substantially different. What happens then, when the two mediums converge? Cre-Azioni written and directed by Elena Vannoni is one such product. Avant Garde, theatrical and wholly unconventional for a short film (if there is such a thing) is an artistic interpretation of women in the confines of society.

The film is simply shot, with one shot and set up panning into a woman looking out of a window. The background is stark- black and white. All that seems to exist in this world is the woman, the window and the world beyond it we can hear, but not see. As she stares out, presumably at children laughing and playing, the woman closes the window and begins to touch her face. The music of the piece becomes frantic and panicky, and our heroine is swept up into a corset, a wig put on her and large fake lips placed in her mouth. Hands appear out of nowhere with syringes and appear to inject her body. The woman grapples with her corset, frees herself from her confines, her wig and her accessories. She begins to dance in the apparent void of space behind her window, until she goes to the now open window- this time with ample light hitting her face.

The piece is unapologetically clear about its intent- the constraints of women in society to look a certain way, and they suppression and oppression that occurs within those confines. The way the message is framed, however, is what makes this film really interesting. It is a very theatrical piece, in the sense that the exact same actions could be played out on a stage to a live audience with as equally strong effect. Perhaps the medium of film allows a wider reach to audience, perhaps it translates a different type of solitude for our heroine, as she is not behind simply one pane of glass (the window) we see but also the camera lenses, which we don’t.
The audience can interpret the works’ medium from many angles, but the message, no matter how avant garde, is a good one- happiness is dancing unencumbered. Whether is it on stage or screen, the spectacle of Cre-Azioni is emotional, strong and mindful with clear intent.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the short film:

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