Interview with Kevin Clark (NYC Indie Film Awards, Festival Director)

The NYC Indie Film Awards are a monthly online awards competition based in the center of the most exciting city on this planet, and is a platform for Independent Filmmakers from all over the world to show their talents! For filmmakers by filmmakers.

 Matthew Toffolo: What is your Film Festival succeeding at doing for filmmakers?

Kevin Clark: Giving new and established filmmakers from all around the world the opportunity to show off their work, compete with others and celebrate their achievements. We also try to promote their accomplishments as much as we can,

MT: What would you expect to experience if you attend the festival this year (2017)?

KC: Getting your work seen and judged by industry professionals, for all kinds of categories.

MT: What are the qualifications for the selected films?

KC: We really care about quality more than anything else, weather it’s the writing, the cinematography, or the score. Our standard is very high but we get so many great submissions every time, that it’s just a pleasure to watch them all.

MT: Do you think that some films really don’t get a fair shake from film festivals? And if so, why?

KC: Yes and no, there has never been a better and a worse time to be a filmmaker than right now, simply because everything is so affordable, from equipment to software, and because of that there are WAY more filmmakers than ever before. So filmmakers have a lot more competition, which makes it harder to stand out, but we believe that quality will always find it’s way.

MT: What motivates you and your team to do this festival?

KC: A lot of members of our team are filmmakers themselves, or at the very least hardcore film lovers, which makes this so much fun, we get the perspective of people who simply appreciate the art of film as well as a very technical view. Making a film takes up so much time, and it can also be very hard, so we want to give every filmmaker the opportunity to show off what they’ve worked so hard on.

MT: How has your FilmFreeway submission process been?

KC: FilmFreeway is by far the best platform to accept submissions, it is so intuitive, easy and constantly improves, we love it!

MT: Where do you see the festival by 2020? LK

KC: Since right now we’re “only” and online competition, we hope that very soon we’ll have annual or even bi monthly screening, to celebrate with everyone in person, and make them feel even more appreciated.

MT: What film have you seen the most times in your life?

KC: We’ve asked the team, and the top three answers were:

1. Fight Club

2. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

3. Psycho

MT: In one sentence, what makes a great film?

KC: The combination of creativity and emotion.

MT: How is the film scene in your city?

KC: It couldn’t be any better, it’s creative, refreshing, very alive and constantly changing.



Interviewer Matthew Toffolo is currently the CEO of the WILDsound FEEDBACK Film & Writing Festival. The festival that showcases 20-50 screenplay and story readings performed by professional actors every month. And the FEEDBACK Monthly Festival held in downtown Toronto, and Los Angeles at least 2 times a month. Go to for more information and to submit your work to the festival.


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