Movie Review: HOPE (Iceland, Experimental)

Played at the July 2017 Experimental Short Film Festival

HOPE, 4min, Iceland, Experimental
Directed by Knutur Haukstein Olafsson

The apocalypse is coming. A lonely and bitter nun seeks for help to let go of her past and finally be free. The lights go out. The lights are turned on. And suddenly there is a change.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

 HOPE is a four minute Icelandic experimental, heavy with religious symbology and musicality. It boasts an apocalyptic setting with a young nun faced with the prospect of eating a live head on a plate.

On a purely experience-only basis, this film is ripe with colors, dramatic imagery and memorably catchy music. Symbolically it is full of elaborate layers to be peeled back one by one.

Our young religious hero bitterly seeks some sort of solace for the end of the world and finds it in a singing head presented to her, yet the work ends with her defrocking and leaving the church in a bright red dress. She may be embodying the death and renewal of religion, or the passage of childhood to adulthood, or a bloody and metaphorical look at the ending of a romantic tryst.

We may never know, or the goal may be for us to form our own opinions. You’ll have to watch HOPE to find out.

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