Movie Review: NOVEMBER UNDER ASHES (France, Music Video)

Played at the July 2017 Experimental Short Film Festival

NOVEMBER UNDER ASHES, 3min, France, Music Video
Directed by Camille Laloux

November under ashes is a cri du coeur, a song, an hymn in which personal and national mournings are melted, a heartbeat of fear, of strength and an ode to life. Under the ashes of a dear person and of scores of innocent people killed in Paris attacks, on the 13th of November, a young woman retraces her subway route and thoughts details which leads her to see the death by singing the life.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film

 A music video packing a strong experimental punch, NOVEMBER UNDER ASHES is a three minute French piece by Camille Laloux. With specific use of color and fantastically simple yet effective artistic style, what stands out most about this piece is the contrast between the bright upbeat tone of the song and the more darker lyrics.

A piece about life, death and mortality, the images of young adults and children in the piece soften the more ominous undertones hidden within the lyrics. Musically, this piece is Instantly catchy and visually, it jumps off the screen with color and symbology. Like any great experimental, it doesn’t spoon feed the motives of the art to the viewer.

Instead, it presents itself and leaves itself vulnerable to interpretations. Whether viewed as a music video, a musical animation, or an avant-garde short, NOVEMBER UNDER ASHES will always be an enjoyable watch.

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