Film Review: MAMMA, Italy, Crime/Thriller

MAMMA, a frighteningly real and terrifyingly visceral Italian film from director Gonzalo Coteio, tells the story of woman in a shop who falls victim to a robbing. The result is a strong and horrifying scene of a woman caught in a dangerous life-threatening situation with no knowledge of what is going on or how she can save herself.

There is a clear stylistic choice in this film to not use subtitles for the communication between the assailants. While it may strike some viewers as difficult- the choice is a brilliant one. It creates a hyper-real sense of terror and confusion and makes the viewer relate to the woman being attacked. She can’t understand the language of the assailants, so neither can the viewers. The result is to be utterly entrenched in the scene, and to be forced to face the harsh fear of the situation along with our heroine, not outside of it as an external viewer.

The twist in MAMMA is buried in the title, but there is humanity to be found in even the most horrible situations. For reasons we don’t find out until the end of the piece, our heroine in spared certain death. To find out though, you must watch the wild and intense ride that is MAMMA.

Review by Kierston Drier

PLAYED at the January 2018 EUROPEAN Film Festival.

WATCH the Audience FEEDBACK Video:

MAMMA, 5min., Italy, Crime/Thriller
Directed by Gonzalo Cotelo A young woman finds herself trapped in the middle of a gang turf war when she witnesses a cold blooded murder.

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