Watch the LGBTQ+ Shorts Festival Today (Documentary & Experimental)

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QUEER MONGOL, 16min., USA, Documentary
Directed by Brandt Miller
Queer Mongol follows four characters over the course of Mongolia’s LGBTQ+ Pride Festival, who embody a diversity of gender and sexual identities. The film is a meditation on queerness in the non-west and a nuanced glimpse into a nascent movement on the Central Asian Steppe.

Listen to Podcast interview with Filmmaker:

A LIFE OF HONOR, 3min., USA, Animation/Documentary
Directed by Richard O’Connor
When Joseph Patton joined the Navy in 1955, he recalls serving in silence, as the LGBTQIA+ community could not be open while in the military. Despite being the “perfect sailor,” Joseph was kicked out of the Navy for being friends with gay service members, under the assumption that he was homosexual. Due to the status of his “undesirable discharge,” Joseph was unable to receive any benefits for his service in the Navy. Years later, Joseph came to StoryCorps to reflect on his journey and share his resilience, as he fought and successfully changed his status to “honorable discharge.”

Directed by Robbie Kruithoff
The mental health impact of religion on the LGBTQIA+ community is unchecked and misunderstood. Alone and largely ignored, queer individuals from conservative, religious communities commit suicide at alarming rates. How many must die before we start talking about it?

Listen to Podcast Interview with Robbie Kruithoff:

THE EMPTINESS STEVEN LEFT, 13min., Dominican Republic, Experimental
Directed by Franklin Villar
Xiomara is a young woman who dreams of becoming a beauty queen by winning a beauty pageant since she was a kid, she will have to face the mysterious emptiness that Steven left in everybody around her when he left, for her to achieve her dream.


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