Film Review: 116, USA, Romance/Experimental 

A beautiful mature woman wakes up in a hotel with a beautiful young man. Sounds great yes? Certainly. What follows is an sizzling experimental romantic piece- the dialogue utilizing only lines from Shakespeare’s sonnets. 116, directed by Julia Campanelli, will delight a Shakespeare lover. And if you are not a lover of Shakespeare, then you will love the rich and sumptuous details loving woven into this piece. It sizzles and crackles with sexual energy and rich and lush sense of heavy dramatic style.

Being and experimental film, it is best to go into 116 with an open mind, as it is highly interpretive. We do not know the relationship of the man and woman (although we can guess, wink, wink) There sensual, passionate, dramatic yet playful struggles are not made overtly clear by the use of the minimalist interpretive scripts of Shakespeare’s sonnets. But 116 is a delight to watch. It has intensity, romance and sparkles with lust. Who wouldn’t love it?

116, 15min., USA, Romance/Experimental 
Directed by Julia CampanelliLove – no bed of roses.
A woman wakes up in a hotel room with a younger man at her side. She insists he leave, he resists, and the struggle begins.

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