Interview with Diane Adams, “On the Edge” Family Film Festival

The “On the Edge” Family Film Festival will stimulate the creative talent of aspiring and professional filmmakers and provide a venue to express their voice through the cinematic arts. We will inspire and challenge the local community by providing films that enlighten, entertain and educate.

Next festival is January 28, 2016

Matthew Toffolo interviews Director Diane Adams:

Matthew: How has the festival changed since its inception until your recent 2015 festival?

Diane: We have seen more submissions in the last year.

Matthew: How many films did you showcase at your Film Festival?

Diane: We showcased 11 films.

Matthew: In one word, how would you describe the success of your recent festival?

Diane: Growing

Matthew: Was there an overall theme for the 2015 festival?

Diane: Family Entertainment

Matthew: Where do you see your festival in 5 years?

Diane: Hopefully still around with some local submissions

Matthew: What’s the current status of the Film Scene in your city?

Diane: Almost non-existent

Matthew: What film have you seen the most in your life?

Diane: Much Ado about Nothing

Matthew: Are you ready for the 2016 film festival?

Diane: Yes